Saturday, March 16, 2013

Of Power & Glory... PUBLISHED!

Well, almost anyway!  I am happy to announce that Of Power & Glory will be published by Game Salute.  This officially fulfills my New Year's resolution!  And I'm glad too, because I promised myself that if I didn't have a publisher by April, that I was going to publish it myself...  April has seemed awful close the last few weeks!

There are a few changes (mostly minor) that they want to make so far.  The most notable change is that they want to have a fictional map instead of Western Europe.  They also want a slightly different name - Altero: Of Power & Glory. There have been a few minor rule changes requested, but they only address edge conditions or are small tweaks to improve the experience without really changing the rules (e.g. placing the extra nobles on the stared sections of power track).  I'm sure there will be more tweaks to come.

I should have more to blog about now!  I'll try to do much better about keeping you updated!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Of Power & Glory Quote

I got the first quote back for Of Power & Glory...  for 1000 units, $13.50 a piece then it gets closer to $11 a piece as the quatities go up.  I'm not what to think about that...  I suppose it's in the ballpark of what I expected.  That's it!  short and sweet.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Of Pride, Power, Glory and Policy update

What do you want first the, the good news of the bad news?

Let's start with bad...
The review for Of Pride & Policy game out.... it was....  blah.  It got a 6.3  I guess that's not horrible, but the main reason they didn't like it was because it was "dry."  That's not easy to address.  If there was some mechanical problem with it I would have a better idea how to improve it, but if the theme just isn't very exciting.... whatcha gonnna do?  For the record, I don't think it's dry, but I can see where they're coming from.  Oh well, I guess it is what it is.... they can't all be winners.

Ok, let's have some better news.
I got a response back from Game Salute about Of Power & Glory.  It was generally positive.  Most of the negatives are easily addressed.  They wanted to change the name slightly and they didn't like that that map was a real place.   They wanted a fictional land.  I'm ok with that.  They also wanted the board to be more balanced i.e. each territory should touch 2 or 3 other territories.  The current board has some that touch 1and others that touch as many as 7.  I have mixed feelings about that...  I would be fine with reeling it in a little bit, but just 2s and 3s seems too much.  I want the geography the be relevant.  But I'm willing to give it a shot.  In addition to becoming more uniform, limiting it to 2s and 3s might make expansion less likely.  3's and 4's might be better.  But it sounded generally positive, so I'm happy!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Update

Of Power & Glory:
I've decided that If I don't have official interest from a publisher by April, I'm going to try to self publish Of Power & Glory.  In perpetration of that I have begun collecting quotes from manufacturers.  I'm getting 2 from companies in China, Panda and Wingo and one from an American company, Customized Playing Cards.  When I get quotes back, I'll keep you posted.

I've made a major change to the game since my last post.  I decided to cut the number of tiles with buildings in 1/2 and fill up the rest with tiles that just have roads.  Players now have 1 Noble to move along with 3 communal Peasants.  The Noble works how it always did, but the Peasants work like blockers.  The roads are used travel of the Nobles, Peasants and King.  I have done a little self testing with it and it seems much better, but of course, I need real playtesting... a lot more than I'll actually get before the contest deadline, so I'll just have to get it as good as I can hope it's good enough.

Treasures of Seraph Isle:
On my last post i said that the game work, but was kind of blah...  Well I had an idea to spice it up that I can't wait to try.  The dig tokens will now have a number on them from 0-4 and the number.... these number are face down so no one knows what they are.  They represent the number of treasures you want to pull from that spot.  This makes it more interesting since deception is more likely to be effective and ties should be less likely.

Of Pride & Policy:
The guys at the gamer's table said they filmed the review...   it's not up yet, but my fate is already sealed!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

A few VERY quick updates...

Of Power & Glory:
I just had a publisher request a copy of the game....  very excited!

Scarborough Fair:
After some more playtesting I've made a couple of small rule tweaks.  First, with 2 players, two of the stages will be taken out of the game.  Second,  I've changed the market rules so that a player can only increase the price of at most 3 of the resources....  that should hopefully make the markets a little more interesting.

Treasures of Seraph Isle:
More playtesting....  the Rondel worked very nicely.  The game is ok, but not great with 3 players...  much better with more players.  I feel like there needs to be something added to make it a little more interesting.

First playtesting of it...  it needs work not surprisingly.  After one tweak during the playtesting, the game was playable, but kinda "blah".  There aren't enough interesting decisions in it yet.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolution

I will have a game picked up by a publisher in 2013.  I don't care what game or what publisher but I will make it happen.  I won't rule out self publishing, though it is still not my top choice. If it starts looking like self publishing is the way to go, I going to have to start talking to people who have done it.  I know it takes a lot of time to self publish, so I'll give myself until April 1 to find a traditional publisher then I'll have to ramp up on the self publishing front.  I will make it happen.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Overdue... once again.

I haven't felt like reporting much lately. In fact, I'm actually a bit frustrated. I have this feeling that I'm just doing this whole "get a board game published" thing all wrong. I've submitted Of Power & Glory to a number of publishers and I've gotten quite a few "We don't accept unsolicited games", one "We don't like the theme", one "The game is too long" and another publisher that has had the game for nearly a year and as of a few weeks ago still hasn't played it.

As for the other games, I wanted to get them reviewed before I started presenting them to publishers and there's been more frustration there. The Dice tower no longer reviews games from the Game Crafter unless you pay them more than I can spend. And the gamer's table has had Of Pride & Policy for many months now and it has yet to be reviewed. I'm not sure how to interpret that, but I'm not sure it's good.

I released another game Scarborough Fair that I've gotten some great feedback on. JT of the Game Crafter said it was his favorite game (not designed by himself) on the Game Crafter. High praise! He also said he would make it a staff pick, but that has yet to happen (another point of frustration).

Most of my frustration seems to be coming from me waiting on other people... and I want to say to myself "You can't wait on other people, you have to make things happen yourself!" And while I think that's good advice (thanks me!), I don't know what more I should be doing now. I don't think I want to self publish, but lately I've been wondering if that's not such a bad idea... though it scares me. I would want to get a lot of advice from someone whose been through that (preferably more than once).

Am I not approaching publishers correctly? Am I approaching the wrong publishers (I have been targeting the big guys)? Do I need to aim lower? I've considered Game Solute. Once again something I have to wait on since they cut off game submissions through the end of the year. I know that's only a few days away now, but I've been considering it for while and there's no guarantee they're going to flip the switch back on January 1st.

I keep hearing about people from the game crafter getting their games published and I know this is going to sound like jealousy... probably because that's what it is. But Why can't I have a little good fortune? Don't get me wrong. I am genuinely happy for those who get published. But it does make feel a bit left out. I feel like I have some really good games... nearly everyone who plays them seem to agree. I guess I really don't know how to take the next step. I could really use some advice or even just a bit of encouragement.