The Wardenclyffe Effect

The Wardenclyffe effect is believed to be a form of frequency specific electrical power transmission. Power is transmitted from a tower in a specific frequency. Receivers tuned to that frequency would be capable of receiving the power and using it power electrical devices. The exact details of the Wardenclyffe effect and its history are sketchy at best, but, the prevailing belief had been that the Wardenclyffe effect was discovered by Nikola Tesla while experimenting with the transmission of electrical power via the Wardenclyffe tower, hence the name. Recently, however, an alternate theory has been gaining interest. It proposes that the Wardenclyffe effect may have been discovered much earlier and served as the inspiration for Tesla's other experiments with electrical power transmission. Some go as far as to say that all of Tesla's work in this area was an attempt to reverse-engineer the effect. In particular, some experts point to a collection of writings from 1873, argued to be Tesla's, in which there are accounts of effect actually working on a small scale. These writings, if they prove to be genuine, were made 28 years before his work began on the Wardenclyffe tower. The fact that the writings give exhaustive detail on what was observed and little or no detail on how it works, leads some to believe that Tesla was observing someone else's work. Though there is no clue who that someone might be. Some also point to Tesla's young age at the time (17 years) as further evidence that Tesla did not discover the effect.


The Wardenclyffe Effect is a classically styled game with simple rules, but deep strategy. Players controls 3 Receivers and use them to increase their power and cage their opponents. Cage all of your opponents Receivers and win!

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