Of Power & Glory

The Altero Series: Across this land, the people of the world bow before their kings in the name of power and glory. What they do not understand is that power and glory need not rest in the same hands. Let the kings have their glory, if that's what they call it. Let their names be written down and passed from father to son for years to come. We care not for such things.

We are happy to stand above the stage in quiet darkness, pulling the strings and shaping the world as we see fit. We are the rulers of kings, and this is our land and in the end, we'll see where the true glory lies. Of Power & Glory is played in several rounds. Each player has several pawns that represent nobles in a Western Europe that is ruled by eight Kings. Each Noble may take one action per round. These actions may place the Nobles in the court of one of the Kings to garner the favor of that King, in a particular territory to postpone war in the area or perhaps hidden in the shadows to bring sabotage upon a King. After all player actions have been taken, the territories represented by the three leftmost, uncovered territory cards are battled over by the kings in order. Immediately after each battle, the winning King will hand out favors to the Nobles that are in his court. Nobles may choose the form of their favors. They may choose, among other options, Power to aid them in the future or Glory to advance them into the lead. Once all Battles have been fought and the end of round actions are completed, the next round begins with players taking actions again. In Of Power & Glory, each player represents a noble family in Western Europe during a period of war. The war is being fought among Eight Kings in the area. Players will need to aid the Kings in order to gain power and then use this power to help themselves; perhaps at the cost of the very Kings that gave them power in the first place.

Of Power & Glory is a Machiavellian strategy game that rewards foresight, deceptive sleight of hand, and investing your influence strategically to better your position amongst the other noble families.

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Note the following videos are for version 1.0 of the game.

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