Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Update

Of Power & Glory:
I've decided that If I don't have official interest from a publisher by April, I'm going to try to self publish Of Power & Glory.  In perpetration of that I have begun collecting quotes from manufacturers.  I'm getting 2 from companies in China, Panda and Wingo and one from an American company, Customized Playing Cards.  When I get quotes back, I'll keep you posted.

I've made a major change to the game since my last post.  I decided to cut the number of tiles with buildings in 1/2 and fill up the rest with tiles that just have roads.  Players now have 1 Noble to move along with 3 communal Peasants.  The Noble works how it always did, but the Peasants work like blockers.  The roads are used travel of the Nobles, Peasants and King.  I have done a little self testing with it and it seems much better, but of course, I need real playtesting... a lot more than I'll actually get before the contest deadline, so I'll just have to get it as good as I can hope it's good enough.

Treasures of Seraph Isle:
On my last post i said that the game work, but was kind of blah...  Well I had an idea to spice it up that I can't wait to try.  The dig tokens will now have a number on them from 0-4 and the number.... these number are face down so no one knows what they are.  They represent the number of treasures you want to pull from that spot.  This makes it more interesting since deception is more likely to be effective and ties should be less likely.

Of Pride & Policy:
The guys at the gamer's table said they filmed the review...   it's not up yet, but my fate is already sealed!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

A few VERY quick updates...

Of Power & Glory:
I just had a publisher request a copy of the game....  very excited!

Scarborough Fair:
After some more playtesting I've made a couple of small rule tweaks.  First, with 2 players, two of the stages will be taken out of the game.  Second,  I've changed the market rules so that a player can only increase the price of at most 3 of the resources....  that should hopefully make the markets a little more interesting.

Treasures of Seraph Isle:
More playtesting....  the Rondel worked very nicely.  The game is ok, but not great with 3 players...  much better with more players.  I feel like there needs to be something added to make it a little more interesting.

First playtesting of it...  it needs work not surprisingly.  After one tweak during the playtesting, the game was playable, but kinda "blah".  There aren't enough interesting decisions in it yet.