Saturday, March 16, 2013

Of Power & Glory... PUBLISHED!

Well, almost anyway!  I am happy to announce that Of Power & Glory will be published by Game Salute.  This officially fulfills my New Year's resolution!  And I'm glad too, because I promised myself that if I didn't have a publisher by April, that I was going to publish it myself...  April has seemed awful close the last few weeks!

There are a few changes (mostly minor) that they want to make so far.  The most notable change is that they want to have a fictional map instead of Western Europe.  They also want a slightly different name - Altero: Of Power & Glory. There have been a few minor rule changes requested, but they only address edge conditions or are small tweaks to improve the experience without really changing the rules (e.g. placing the extra nobles on the stared sections of power track).  I'm sure there will be more tweaks to come.

I should have more to blog about now!  I'll try to do much better about keeping you updated!

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