Of Pride & Policy

The Altero Series: The people call out for Justice. We'll give them Justice. They call out for Liberty and we'll give them that too. We'll give them everything that they call out for, exactly as we've designed. And in our magnanimity we will turn the ear of the King in our favor. That is when things really start to change. For once you've had the King's ear, his eyes are sure to move too. Sooner or later, you may find that you've gotten hold of his whole head. Our time is coming and if we have to swallow our pride and dance a dance for King and people while biding our time, then so be it. We have a vision for this land, and by the power invested in us, we will make it so.


Of Pride & Policy is a game of political maneuvering for 3-5 players. There are 4 sets of opposing political issues in the game each one with a color and symbol:
  • Expansionism Vs. Isolationism
  • Conservatism Vs. Liberalism
  • Industry Vs. Agriculture
  • Liberty Vs. Justice
The kingdom is divided into 5 regions: Galicia, Castilla, Madrid, Portugal and Andalucia. Each region is divided into 5 or 7 territories. Each territory will have particular concern in one of the eight political issues. Each player represents a Noble family. At the start of the game players will have no particular stance on any of the issues; however, this will soon change. Players will influence both territories and legislation in order to advance in the Court of the King. All the while, the political state of the kingdom will change. Of Pride & Policy is the prequel to the acclaimed Of Power & Glory.

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