Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of Power & Glory Reviewed

Of Power & Glory was reviewed yesterday....  The review was generally good; they even recommended that I tried to get it published by a major publisher which is exciting.  But they did have one major complaint.  And that is that it's too difficult to come from behind to win.  So I've been thinking about catchup mechanics. 

Here's what I considering right now:
Some (but not all) of the cards will have an icon on it.  There are two icons, a castle and a landmark.  When a castle territory is fought over, the player in the lead for power may not chose the power favor.  When a landmark territory is fought over, the player in the lead for glory may not chose the glory favor.  Right now I'm thinking there will be 8 cards of each type.  That means, on average, one territory per round with have an icon on it. This is just a best first guess as to the numbers.  The thing I like about this mechanic is that it's theoretically easy to tune.  Just adjust the number of cards in the deck that have the icons. Zero cards is too few (that's the game as it currently is) and all 48 cards is too many...  that would basically make the game meaningless since no one could ever pull ahead by more than 1 in either power or glory.  So somewhere in between there's got to be a sweet spot right?

We'll see how this goes.  I was kinda hoping to start showing it to publishers, but now I feel like I have to address this issue first.

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