Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Power & Glory

Someone played Of Power & Glory and had a bad experience with it.  As I understand it, in their game, 3 kings were killed very early.  Of the remaining five kings, two were small and therefore not involved in many battles.  The other 3 kings had all of there titles taken so the game ground to a halt.

I suspect this is a rare situation since I've never encountered it, but I do want to do something about it.  My current solution is to make the following rule change:
If a King needs to expand into a territory and there are no rings left, but there are rings on some of the nobles in his court, take a ring from the noble in the 1 position.

If that rule were in place, then the game would not have ground to a halt.  The three big kings would continue to expand as the title collected from them by the players get eaten up.  Here's a little math on the subject:  there are 24 territories and each King has 9 rings available for expansion.  So with only 3 kings, that's enough for all 24 territories (and then some).  Even if you only had 2 kings, that would be enough for 18 of the territories.  And if there was only one King... then the game has bigger problems.  I'm not sure if I should protect against that or not.  It may be such a rare thing that I don't worry about it.

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