Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've been working on a new game that's very different from any of my others.  It's called SoothSay and it's only a game in the loosest of terms.  Basically I wanted to create something similar to a tarot deck or an Ouija board and then turn it into a party game to give it more mass appeal.  But really, the game is just an excuse to take part in an activity that (hopefully) is a little creepy. 

The "game" is for each player to take turns playing the soothsayer.  The soothsayer picks another player to ask a question, then the soothsayers performs a reading to answer the question and all other players vote yeah or nay on  the performance.  The question asker serves as a tiebreaker if one is needed.

The "reading" is where all the fun is and it's still being designed, but it relies on the use of a deck of hex cards.  Each card has a letter in the center along with a number.  Along the 6 edges are astrological symbols in either white or green.  The "rules" of the reading are that you shuffle the deck and deal out cards and try to match them up with other cards so that the touching edges have the same symbol in the opposite color.  But the soothsayer has a lot of room for interpretation...  A LOT of room.  I'll provide an interpretation guide, with all sorts of loosey goosey rules on interpreting the reading.  The deck is designed to maximize the odds of spelling something in English while still seeming like your placing cards according to rules that the soothsayer can't change.  Each card also has a color to it so the reading could come from the letters or numbers or colors or the shape made by the cards or anything else that the soothsayer dreams up.

I've ordered a copy.  I'll play it a see what I can come up with.

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