Friday, December 23, 2011

Another post Quitavox playtesting post

Playtested Quintavox again.  The Senate change worked well.  We came up with a few additional changes or at least, things to try.

First, the easy one:
Some one pulled a Protection card card and accidentally called it "Justice."  But I think I like the word "Justice" a lot better so I changed it.

There was a suggestion to limit the number of rings in the game when playing with fewer than 5 players.  Which I think was brilliant.  The specific suggestion was to have the same number of many rings of each color as the number of players.  And since each player has 4 pawns that can each take 2 rings, that's 8 rings per person and there are 8 issues, so you would have exactly enough rings to go around no matter how many players you had.  This is a very elegant solution and I might very well go with it, but I had a different but related concern that may change this a bit.  The other concern was that even with 3 players, there was a lot going on..  almost too much to keep track of.  And if you had 2 more players, it might be a bit too chaotic.  So I was thinking limiting the number of pawns you get to 3, but allowing each one to campaign 3 times.  But that's 9 rings per player not 8.

So the next I play, I'm going to try both changes at the same time which means, that there actually be less than enough rings to go around.  That might be a good thing as it give the game a little more drama, but it might also unbalance the game.  But I'm thinking it will actually improve the game.  Each player could only take one more ring than his share, so it's not like one player could go crazy taking rings left and right.  The player it affects most is the one hanging back and watching how things develop (which looks like the winning strategy by the way).  But that player has the benefit of choosing his rings with more knowledge.  Half the rings are pointless anyway.

Another thing to consider is this:  Which rings do you remove in a fewer than 5 player game?  My current thinking is to remove the "1" rings in a 5 player game and the "1" and "5" rings in a 3 person game.  Incidentally, I'm becoming less convinced that the game will work for 2 players.  But since, I have yet to play it with 2 players... who knows.  So for 2 players I suppose I would remove the "1", "4" and "5" rings.

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