Saturday, July 7, 2012

Of Pride & Policy

First I need to explain the long absence...
I had a job change a few weeks ago and that significantly changed my day to day routine.  That pretty much did in my blogging for a while.  Then, two days ago, i was asked to do an interview for The Game Crafter and in it I referenced the blog so I thought...  I guess I better pick that up again!

Now on to Of Pride & Policy.  We last I wrote about it, the game was called "Quitavox" and it had an ancient roman theme.  I decided to pull it into the Altero Series of games (e.g. Of Power & Glory)  and with that came a name change and a re-setting to the Iberia.  Historically speaking, Spain and Portugal don't make the most sense...  I know that!  But it is an alternate Europe, so I don't feel too bad about that.  The nice thing about Iberia is that it's relatively square... that made the layout easier.  I published it on The Game Crafter on June 21st and have sent off a copy to The Gamer's Table for a review.

As far as actual changes to game play are concerned, thee were many.  It's funny how when I placed it next to of Power & Glory how some of the game play seemed to morph that way too.  The biggest  change is that the players are doing the voting anymore... it's the territories.  It's been so long, that I can't remember all of the changes, though I know they were many.

I'll try to keep up my blogging better,,, then I won't loose all the details.  That's kind of the point isn't it?!

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